Moving to Arkansas

"We had 2 days to find a home after my husband accepted a position here in Bentonville. Nina Clare was professional, personable, very thorough and practically took us in as she would her own family. It was amazing how much she new the area and how much information she gave us every time we needed something. I would recommend her to all my friends and though we hope to not need her services again (we love the area and don't want to leave) if we did get relocated there is no doubt we'd call her right away!"

- E and D Bentonville, Arkansas

A Great Experience

"Working with Nina Clare Helms was and is a pure joy and a great experience that not only found us the exact specific real estate we were looking for, but also established a good friendship that is helping us get started off on the right foot in our new location. She has gone far beyond just being a good real estate agent and taken personal interest to help us in many other ways. I highly suggest contacting her for any of your real estate needs. I feel confident in saying you will be dealing with the best.
Jack and Debbie Cosper"

- Jack & Debbie Cosper, Fl